Activated Charcoal

Pure Eden Activated Charcoal

Pure Eden’s “Food Grade” Activated Charcoal powder is 100% natural.

It is made from coconut shells, contains no fillers or binders, and so is therefore twice as “adsorbent” as tablets.

It can be taken internally by mixing it with water, added to your favourite dishes and drinks or used externally in the form of a poultice or in many DIY beauty remedies.


Pure Eden’s Activated Charcoal Powder comes  in 6 different sizes and can  be purchased here (online) or in most health stores around Australia. We supply anything from large chains to small local stores, naturopaths, cafes, restaurants and cosmetic companies.

If you are interested in stocking Pure Eden Activated Charcoal Powder, please contact us for our wholesale prices.


Main Usages


Activated charcoal is used in hospitals worldwide and by clinics and naturopaths alike. Find out about more about the benefits of using Activated Charcoal.



Charcoal is fantastic for facial masks, cleansers, body scrub and as a teeth whitener. Read on to find out more about these and other DIY beauty remedies.



Activated Charcoal helps your furry friends in many ways. It helps freshen their breath and eliminate Intestinal problems such as gas, worms and parasites.



The latest food industry craze, Activated charcoal is a sexy new ingredient used in bread, pasta, ice-cream, smoothies, juices, coffees and cocktails.